How Do I Avoid a Florida Homeowners Insurance Cancellation?

Did you know that your Florida homeowners insurance can be canceled for a variety of reasons? Some of these reasons include a large loss, too many filed claims, or risks found on the property. It’s important that you understand the many reasons why a company can cancel your policy.

Before a company can cancel your policy, it is required that they provide you with a written notice. Usually, a written notice is required within thirty days prior to the cancellation.

My Florida Homeowners Is Canceled?

A company can cancel your current policy. Let’s discuss a few common reasons why your policy is canceled according to

Your home is vacant –Your policy can be canceled if your home is found to be vacant. If you review your paperwork, you should be able to find a clause that states occupancy conditions for your coverage. If your home is vacant for more than 30 days, itis a requirement that you notify the insurance company.

You have filed too many claims – Your homeowners insurance in Florida can’t be canceled if you make a few claims over a few years. However, if you file any claims within the same year, your company can cancel your policy.

Big claims for damages caused by you – Big claims are very costly to your insurance company. If the insurance company determines a huge claim was filed because you caused major damage to your home or if you are unsafe and let the damages occur, then your policy will be terminated.

Too many risks on your property – If your property is found to have risked it can cause your homeowners insurance in Florida to be canceled. Every year an underwriter will inspect the outside of your home and take photos. This will be able to grasp a better idea of the condition of the property. Most of the time home in despair can result in termination.

Bad payment history –If you have a bad track record of not paying on time this factor alone can get your policy canceled. Always make sure your payments are on time and never late.

In order to avoid cancelation on your Florida homeowners insurance, according to, you must be sure to remember these reasons your policy can be canceled. There are homeowners who have no idea how or why their policy suddenly became canceled. It is up to you to avoid this and to keep your home fully protected.

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